Mediation Works

Mediation really is a viable and effective way to resolve a dispute quickly.

Lamb & Holmes recently acted for a developer client facing a multi-million-pound claim brought by an ex-business partner under a Profit Share Agreement.

Lamb & Holmes received an extensive Letter of Claim; and responded with a comprehensive Letter of Reply, proposing mediation as a way to resolve the dispute.

Mediation was quickly agreed and arranged through CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution).

The mediation venue was the purpose-built ICDR (International Centre for Dispute Resolution) in London.

The mediation lasted 10 hours and concluded with a confidential settlement agreement.

The Lamb & Holmes’ client was ‘over the moon’ with the outcome.

Kay Hewitt, Senior Solicitor in the Dispute Resolution & Civil Litigation Department and a committed promotor of mediation, said that after taking part in numerous mediations, this was not one she had predicted would settle at a first mediation.

Kay commented that “In this instance, although the issue came down to how much money our client would ultimately pay the Claimant, the history and circumstances of the dispute were convoluted, highly disputed and emotionally charged.  It just goes to show how mediation will ‘trump’ failed negotiation techniques every time. 

The intervention of a good, independent mediator is invaluable; and really helps to focus the minds of the parties on finding an alternative resolution in order to avoid litigation.  A settlement agreement is a compromise accepted by the parties.  Most importantly, mediation can be swift and cost-effective in bringing a dispute to a satisfactory resolution.”

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