Kettering Science Academy Careers Fair

Lamb & Holmes Solicitors recently attended the KSA Careers Fair which was held at the Kettering Science Academy on Deeble Road in Kettering. The event was accessible to all students and was attended by around 20 other companies ranging from solicitors, the armed forces, the emergency services, vets, engineers and a range of universities and colleges.

In January 2019 the KSA launched its first ever ‘Careers Term’, where they have been teaching students about the range of jobs available within the different industries. Students have been learning about various careers relating to a particular subject, the qualifications needed and the different pathways they could take in the run-up to the Careers Fair which took place on the 8thFebruary.     

Having learnt about various careers during the ‘Careers Term’ prior to the Careers Fair taking place, this really prepared the students. What better way to learn about the different careers and options available to them, by talking to someone who works in that particular area and finding out about how they qualified, studied etc… In order to reach their career goal. 

Information fairs, such as these can be tremendously valuable to students and Lamb & Holmes were extremely pleased to be asked to take part in such an important event.

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