Lamb & Holmes team up with Local Primary School

Year six pupils from St Brendan’s Primary School in Corby have been thinking about future career options recently after the primary school invited local businesses to visit the school in order to talk to the students about their companies and what they do. Lamb & Holmes Solicitors was one of the local firms who took part in this and staff discussed what it is like to work for a Solicitor, considering the different areas of law and the various positions at the local firm with the pupils.

St Brendan’s Primary School were keen to work together with local businesses to help inspire and encourage the students to dream big and explore the exciting paths and options that await them. This is the second year the school have held the career talks and it was great to see how eager all of the pupils were when finding out about working life.

Lorraine Barron-Edgely, one of the year six teachers said: “It was lovely to have Lamb and Holmes Solicitors visit our school for the second year. It really inspired our Year 6 children and helped develop their future aspirations and career options, especially those who are considering a career in this line of work. We look forward to them visiting our school again next year”.

With offices in Corby and Kettering, Lamb & Holmes Solicitors appreciated being asked to support a project for the local community in this way. Kay Hewitt and Charlotte Davison both from the Dispute Resolution department and Victoria Kirk from Marketing were extremely impressed by the year six pupils enthusiastic approach.

Victoria Kirk said, “This is a brilliant opportunity for the students to discover how different companies work, what they do and to find out more about a particular profession. With so many different career options available, I do hope the children went away with a good understanding of what a Solicitor does and for some of them to hopefully follow this career path in the future.

This initiative gives the children a different perspective on roles within the community and provides them with more information about various areas of work when considering future career options”.

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