Advanced Medical Care

Lamb & Holmes Solicitors Private Client Department are extremely professional and compassionate when dealing with matters relating to elderly clients and vulnerable adults. 

Whether you are acting for yourself, for a friend, family member, or a loved one, our team of knowledgeable experts and qualified Solicitors, two of which are members of STEP (the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners)  will work with you and help you decide on the best solution for your individual needs. 

Not all of us prepare for a situation where we cannot make decisions. The best advice is to plan ahead for the future, to know who will make decisions for you, what those decisions will be and when they can be made. By planning ahead you are taking control of your future. You will also have peace of mind that everything has been organised properly. 

We will help you think and plan ahead with an advance decision. A Living Will or Advance Decision, as it is now known allows you to set out your preferences for medical treatment ahead of any serious medical problems or terminal illness. If you should ever fall seriously ill, for example from a coma or dementia, so that you cannot communicate with doctors, it states clearly what medical care you want.  This includes life-prolonging medical treatment or a refusal to have specified treatment.  

Your medical circumstances could, for example, be a physical illness which is so serious that life is nearing an end and there is no likelihood of recovery or a permanent serious mental impairment.

No reason is required for why you wish to have an Advance Directive.  All that is required is that you had the capacity when the document was made. We are aware that this is a sensitive subject and will treat the matter with the utmost sensitivity and respect. 

Advance Decisions are a way for you to take control and ease the burden on loved ones later in life. 

Our team of experts are able to provide the following assistance: 

  • Drafting of an Advance Decision 
  • Document changes at a later date 

We will provide you with a dedicated expert who has the experience necessary to put together your Advanced Directive document.  If you are not able to visit our office please let us know as we also offer hospital and home visits. These may incur a charge if the distance is more than two miles from our office.

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